Empowering local talent

The Tahleeq and Ajwaa training and development programs are placing citizens at the heart of Bahrain’s development.

The Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) is committed to building the skills of Bahraini citizens and helping them to reach their full potential. Currently, an impressive 80 percent of BAC’s employees are drawn from the local population and the goal is to increase that to 90 percent by 2021. But operating its new, state-of-the-art passenger terminal building will require expertise in specialized aviation fi elds. “Since 2010, we have invested heavily in developing our human talent — it is one of our big success stories,” said BAC Chief Executive Offi cer Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah. At the center of this success is the Tahleeq program, a milestone training and development initiative aimed at shaping the future leaders of Bahrain’s aviation industry. Launched in 2014, the four-year plan equips participants with advanced skillsets required as part of Bahrain’s Airport Modernization Program through both theoretical and practical training, and mentoring from international specialists. “We have recruited at least 80 Bahraini graduates through this program,” he noted. In addition, the Ajwaa program, which is run in partnership with U.K.-based air-traffi c management company Serco IAL, is realizing the potential of tomorrow’s air-traffi c professionals. BAC’s investment in Bahraini skills goes much further than these two programs, however. In collaboration with international experts like Germany’s Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide, all of BAC’s and its stakeholders’ employees are receiving comprehensive training to familiarize them with the passenger terminal’s new systems ahead of its opening.

“We will continue to invest in local talent to develop the kingdom’s next generation of aviation leaders and we believe the sector as a whole will benefi t from our investment,” said Al Binfalah