Since being founded in 1897 The JAPAN TIMES has been celebrated for its unique readership of foreign and internationally minded Japanese. Produced from an unprejudiced, cosmopolitan and practical viewpoint, The Japan Times has won the confidence of more than 400,000 opinion leaders at home and abroad.

In 1897, an editorial in the inaugural edition of The JAPAN TIMES set forth the paper’s goals as “promoting understanding between Westerners and the Japanese and telling other countries what Japan is really like.” Over a century ago, the newspaper perceived the need for international understanding and information in English about Japan, which continues to be a pressing need to this very day. What is more, The Japan Times has consistently striven to satisfy those needs.

Today, The JAPAN TIMES is the leading daily publication of its kind in the nation and has a larger circulation than any of its competitors. In addition, The Japan Times is airmailed to 106 countries worldwide.

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