“Thankful for your wonderful publication. I truly appreciate your article on Madagascar which provide to readers the attractive opportunities on mining”

Rosette L. Rasoamanarivo,
Embassy of Madagascar in Japan

“Kenya is honoured and privileged to be featured by a very prestigious and widely read daily in Japan. This will undoubtedly go a long way in forging a more enhanced bilateral relations between our two countries”.

S.K. Maina, MBS,
Ambassador of Kenya in Japan

“The Embassy would like to congratulate Global Insight on the wonderful publication that has been published in The Japan Times”

Mr. Vonroy Rochester,
Embassy of Jamaica in Japan

“In a typical feature-styled creative narrative, you gave a unique Liberian account, sector by sector – highlighting history, progress made, challenges and comprehensive roadmap for the future. We are undoubtedly proud of the holistic analysis of the Special Report”.

Ekena Wesley,
Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs of Liberia